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federal stimulus money? we will tell you. plus, toyota is facing more penalties from the u.s. government. what is one of the number of missteps for the automaker. 11 new restaurant in the area will be hit with both old and young. >> we have rain and snow up in the mountains on the doppler is a cold start to the weekend. your 70 forecast is coming up. right now, we are down to 46. winds are >> tonight, the government is considering another fine for toyota. at toyota is already facing a fine of more than $60 million for failing to alert officials of the problem. more than 200 lawsuits have been filed against toyota. believe it will mushroom into one of the biggest liability cases ever. >> in our economy report, the state is estimating that 40% went to minorities. 25% of the $600 million received only $85 million. a strong finish to the week on wall street. the dow finished up more than 70 points and even touched the 11,000 mark for the first time since september 2008. lows of just short of the 11,000 mark. -- it closed just short of the 11,000 mark. >> governor marco malley is getting mary
. >>> toyota could face another fine from the federal government. the transportation department warned toyota the accelerator pedal problem that led to a recall was the result of tw separate defects that may require two separate remedies. the government has already fined toyota $16 million about the gas pedal problem. >>> the reserve unit 4 -- responsible for abusing iraqi prisoners will be mobilized for the first time this year. an army spokesman said the 372nd military police company based out of maryland is scheduled to go to iraq. the 372nd gained international spotlight back in 2004, when abuse photos taken at abu ghraib became public. seven members of the unit were charged, six served prison time. >>> the vatican has offered its side of the story. this follows a report accusing pope benedict of not removing a pedophile priest when he was a cardinal 25 years ago. the vatican says pope benedict played no part in blocking removal of the pedophile priest, but in 1985 a document bearing his signature suggest the pope may have tried to protect the priest. the priest is now 63 years old and a
. sports is coming up. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the washington nationals in new york state, taking on the new york mets. ijohn lanon's parents made the trip from queens to watch. top of the second, willie terrace, he dials up long, in the gap. come on home. the nationals up 3-0. all of our progress, -- oliver perez, that blooper false. still tied, taveras up the middle. adam iundunn plates hit. watch this game saving catch, stretching out. grabs it. washington wins. the skipper likes how his team competed today. >> just typical rig down to the end. reyes made at great play in the night and i thought he is leading off now, he isumped up. sure enough, he started out with a base hit. but we made a great play in left field to save it. >>> hockey, guess what, the beat goes on for the watch the capitals, continuing to get the wins and points going into the postseason. the atlanta thrashers last night, in a phone booth, alexander ovechkin, the best wrist shot in the game. this one-timer gets by the goalie. ovechkin had hi
against toyota have been sent to a southern california courtroom. u.s. district judge james selna will decide whether toyota should pay more than $3 billion to toyota owners who say their car's resale value dropped drastically because of recalls. others are suing for injuries or death in run away toyota cars. >>> a political battle brewing in the nation's capital as supreme court's leading liberal announces his retirement. john paul stevens plans to step down at the end of the summer when he turns 90 years old. stevens has been at the center of key decisions giving due process to suspected terrorist. the white house is considering nearly a dozen candidates to replace him. >>> so, why spend big bucks on a tropical get away when you can own the most romantic house in the country? this san francisco mansion is for sale for the second time in 30 years. this home is a beacon for romance. love doesn't cost a thing, this house certainly does. that price starts at $45 million. a drop in the bucket for you gigi. >> i was going to say that's not romantic, $45 million is not romantic. shoppi
focus. >> susie: toyota's legal battles will be waged in a federal courtroom in los angeles. a judicial panel decided that today. it affects more than 200 lawsuits against the automaker filed around the country. it also means one judge will make the pre-trial decisions for all the cases. some suits are by toyota owners claiming their vehicles have lost value. others are asking for money for injuries from sudden acceleration problems. toyota has recalled more than eight million vehicles worldwide for issues with their gas pedals and brakes. >> tom: here's what we're watching for next week. our friday market monitor guest is dr. hans black, chairman of inter-invest. on monday, alcoa kicks off the first quarter's earnings season. later in the week, we'll see results from bank of america, general electric, google and j.p. morgan. monday, u-s/china relations. we'll look at the currency and trade issues, as the leaders of both countries meet. >> susie: netflix customers who want to see popular movies like "avatar" will have to wait even longer. today, the online movie rental company and twent
. laura ingle, thank you very much. the national traffic highway safety administration may slap toyota with greater fines on top of the $16.4 million assessed over the defective accelerator pedals. they say the car maker should be on the hook for $14 billion in penalties except that there is a legal limit on the individual fines against what is set. >>> another tough week for toyota. we learned retired executive wrote an e-mail at toyota saying we need to come clean over defective gas pedals and it was apparently written before the problem was revealed to the u.s. government officials. irve miller was a toyota public affairs vice president, 30-year veteran of the company a few days short of retirement when he wrote an e-mail to japanese counterparts on january 16 of this year. i hate to break this to you, but we have a tendency for mechanical failure in accelerator pedals for a certain manufacturer on certain models. we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. the time to hide on this one is over. we need to come clean." noting the key toyota executives were about to mee
,000. nissan and toyota are coming out with plug-ins later this year. >>> what you need to know about the plastics you're using. ♪ nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. >>> some food manufacturers are quietly scrambling to change packaging to prevent a toxic chemical from leeching into the food. it's called bpa and could be linked to major health problems according to a new warning for federal health authorities. here's more. >> we literally emptied all of our kitchen cabinets of the various plastic products we had. >> reporter: like most parents, maury doesn't want to take any chances with the health of her children. the mother of two scoured her kitchen cupboards to get rid of containers that might contain bfa. >> i find it disturbing that the chemicals are leeching into our food. >> reporter: it might be too little too late. jane hul han says it was approved by the food and drug administration 50 years ago and been in our food supply e
that straight ahead.  >>> first toyota got hit with a record fine on monday. today another civil penalty could be in the works. the transportation department is now telling the automaker that the gas pedals have two different problems and could require two separate solutions to fix. toyota is already facing a $16 million fine for waiting too long to tell the government about those defective gas pedals. >>> a foreclosure fiasco for a georgia couple even though they're not behind on payments. a man legally bought their home at auction and then showed up with the papers. >> reporter: two days ago randy felt like the rug had been pulled out from under her. she found out her house had been sold and it wasn't even on the partial. >> on tuesday my husband was outside working on his truck. a guy came over to him and i think shook his hand and said hi, i just bought this house. so he's thinking to himself, yeah, right, you're joking. they rang the doorbell. i was on the phone. he rings the doorbell and my husband says to me, this guy is the new owner of this house. >> report
. the government considering a second civil penalty against toyota in connection with recalled vehicles. the car maker already facing a fine of more than 16 million dollars for failing to promptly notify the government about defective gas pedals. toyota has recalled more than eight million vehicles worldwide. i'm mar ann rafferty, now back to on the record. >> greta: southern republican leadership conference in full swing and major republicans are swinging at po2 names you will -- at president obama. two names you will recognize. >> they are being told today that big daddy government has all the answers. that's what we are hearing from a washington, d.c. that is absolutely out of control. they're saying y'all don't worry your pretty little heads. >> the time to articulate the alternative is from now until november when they say yes we can. we stand up and say oh no you don't! when they try to restrict freedom and grow government, prove the republican party common sense conservatives have a better way because this is the party of lincoln and reagan! this is the party that put an end to slavery. t
of -- hundreds of class action lawsuits against toyota will be heard in a courtroom in california. toyota has recalled 8 1/2 million vehicles nationwide since november. problems from sticking accelerator pedals to brake failures. >>> suspicious white powder found in a census form in the state of maryland. the form coming to a billing in essex that processes the census. officials did not know what the substance is but it is being tested now. one person taken to the hospital. officials are not saying what symptoms that individual may have h >>> massive gas explosion demolishing a new jersey home down to its foundation. a contractor was working at the site when somebody in the crew broke a gasline. the fire department was call. the house literally blew up. thankfully, nobody was inside at the time. several people on the block did suffer minor injuries. the chimney of that home next door was knocked off. >>> an avalanche in washington state sweeping away a skier. the 28-year-old man was skiing yesterday when the avalanche hit, catching him in the fast moving snow and slamming him into a tree. sea
. i'm 19. and this is my ride. ♪ i drive a 1997 toyota rav4. my parents -- >> that's video from mtv's "pimp my ride." again, jon baird, reporter knx news radio. he worked on some major shows but in the last couple of years, do you know what he's been doing recently? >> no, actually, i don't. but he has been associated with a lot of reality shows. and of course he's most famous for being on cbs "survivor." he was a producer on "survivor." we talked to, we had an interview this morning. anyway, we aired an interview with someone who was a contestant on "survivor: amazon." i believe it was back in 2004. can't believe this. says he would never do anything like this. he's totally shocked. but that's his background. and "survivor" of course is what everyone knows him for. >> exactly. mime brooks, hln law enforcement analyst. you know, people heard yelling. apparently there was someone from the resort who said he saw him try to hit her. all of that is really important. hopefully it's on surveillance tape, correct? >> well, i have been there, pat. i've actually stayed at that resort. and it
. >> toyota could get hit with another major fine. an investigation found two step or defect recalled pedals. the problem for toyota the first recall addressed only one of the problems. toyota has been fined more than 14 million dollars . an estimated u.s. kids have adhd . probably half will grow it more and more parents have it. less than a quarter of adults about it. our doctor is here to talk about the stories. >> thank you. >> what going on here. adults overdiagnosed with adhd, is there a rise in this in >> i don't think there is a rise but the concern that children end up becoming adults with adhd . there is a lot of symptoms that come with this. they have restlessness. patience and sounds like my co-host dave brik . a lot of people can say that about themselves. propensity to say you have adhd. >> you can . that is a concern. a let of times over diagnosed and overtreated. there is a spectrum of personality. they are mild and you would never know and they are successful professionals out there who may have symptoms of adhd . sometimes they could be powerless with this to the point they
gm was going under the most people felt the unions had too much and they should have been like toyota workers. these were people who would have been union workers in another day and time. as to the same they wanted benefits -- instead of saying they wanted those benefits, they said they would restrain the country. i think the unions have to reintroduce themselves. most people do not know anything about unions except public employee unions like the one that i work for. bair into the benefits and health care. they resent that as well because we're not giving anything to them. somehow, you have to bring in the old history. i was an intern at the united mine workers in the 1970's. it was great. you have to make it relevant to people today. their idea of a union worker is someone on an assembly line, a white guy in his 50s. you have to make it relevant to young people who work for different places. you have to be on facebook and twitter. you need to make the democrats look like they're respecting you. johnson was always talking with someone else. he did not do anything without checking wit
in the health insurance industry, and the recent toyota sudden unintended acceleration problems. but two years ago, i saw of the opportunity to finally enact health care with the election of a new president. i thank president barack obama and speaker pelosi for finally making health care and reality in this country. while legislative accomplishments have been a significant part of my career, perhaps the thing i am most proud of over 18 years is helping you, my friend, my neighbors, and my constituents. my staff and i have helped tens of thousands of constituents resolve problems and cut through the red tape, problems such as helping secure benefits through the band -- through the veterans or social security administration, or helping with a tax problem at the irs, or securing the middle of a service member who badly served our country. we help people obtain passports, secure local mail delivery service, and obtained funds to weatherize their homes to save money. these may seem like little things, but to me and my staff, there are some of the most important things we do. i want to thank the mem
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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